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Who We Are

We’re friends, neighbors, and mamas who desired a creative outlet after long and wonderful days with our little ones. We started Prodigal Handmade in the summer of 2020 with an idea to create handmade items that we would use in our own homes and our kids would enjoy. It became a nightly routine for each of us to venture out into our backyard sheds, plug in the power tools, and get to work! As neighbors, our backyards are in view of each other and we would yell over the fence, “Whatcha making tonight?!”

Since we began Prodigal Handmade, we’ve acquired new tools, new knowledge, new splinters and cuts, and a new appreciation for the term “handmade”. The process of experimenting and creating with new materials and designs keeps us motivated and energized. Thank you for following along on our journey

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Kristy in Shed

Meet Kristy

Kristy here! My dad has always been the best maker and fixer I know. For years I wondered why I hadn’t tapped into his amazing knowledge. By God’s grace and Sarah’s spontaneity I have now been given such an opportunity to create things for others. It’s a joy to create like my Dad but also in a way mimic our Heavenly Creator.

A few other things I enjoy— Subaru commercials, simple things, reading, hiking, honest conversations with a surplus of grace, giving gifts, fresh flowers, a hearty laugh with my kids, traveling with my husband, teaching, and actually, I like a whole lot of things and have a very difficult time doing it all in this tiny life. And for anyone who cares I am a 6.

Meet Sarah

Sarah here! I’m a North Carolina native married to a Florida boy raising our three little ones in Raleigh. I’ve always been drawn to the simplicity and functionality of wooden items. One of the first things I ever made was a walnut coffee table. It’s still one of my favorite pieces of furniture in our home. I learned so much during that process of creating, and I’m excited to be creating again alongside Kristy.

Prodigal Handmade has been a joyful respite during this season of my life and I’m so grateful for all the support we’ve been shown. You can find me most days binging the Great British Baking Show, craving Bojangles Chicken Supremes, listening to Sandra McCracken, or driving around town in our mini van.

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