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Simple, handmade pieces for your home and the ones you love
Handcrafted in Raleigh, NC
Beautiful, affordable, and long-lasting pieces

Why We Make

We love simple things. Whether it is for your home, your friends, or your little ones, we strive to create beautiful, simple pieces that are affordable, accessible, long-lasting, and made with intentionality. We’re drawn to raw materials like wood and simple elements like concrete that are unique and beautiful in their own right. We find joy in the creative process of experimenting with new designs and materials.

We are always looking at new and different ways to create items or improve on existing product designs. Our eagerness to create continually alters the landscape of what we offer. Over time we hope to build a brand that invites other women to learn, share, create and use their gifts to build not only pieces but community.

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Smiling Makers
wood items with local polish

Supporting Small and Local

Our goal is to source as many of our materials from local suppliers. We currently use Daddy Vans Furniture Polish, an all natural beeswax, to seal all of our wooden toys, ornaments, and wooden coasters. This company is located in Fairview, NC about four hours west of Raleigh near Asheville. We try to source wood from local lumber yards as well as woodshop cooperatives.

Prodigal Handmade Logo